Our New ELearning Modules ITIL

Our new eLearning modules ITIL Best Practice are based on the current status of didactics, pedagogy and ergonomics. The advantages of these modern learning methods can be summarised in 3 words: anywhere, anytime and flexible.

Regardsless of location, the eLearning subject matters concerning ITIL essentials can be accessed. Seminar coordination, travel times and expenses are dispensed with; productivity is significantly increased. Our eLearning function can be accessed around the clock. Personal time management is the profit for the desired freedom for the individual process configuration. The learner determines the pace of obtaining the material according to his own level of knowledge and his own receptiveness. The contents are interactively controlled. With this concept, glenfis makes a contribution to state-of-the-art knowledge transfer.

        ITIL Edition 2011 Foundation WBT
        ITIL V3 Service Strategy WBT
        ITIL V3 Service Design WBT
        ITIL V3 Service Transition WBT
        ITIL V3 Service Operation WBT
        ITIL V3 Continual Service Improvement WBT

With our interactive eLearning we have at the same time created a basis for cost-effective efficient blended learning concepts; combined attendance seminars and web-based seminars. The advantages of each method of training can be combined, further costs are saved and the training is implemented faster. A form of training that is particularly suitable for company seminars.

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Please contact us if you have any questions concerning our eLearning or about our Blended Learning concepts. You can reach us by telephone under 0848 889 089 or by email at info@glenfis.ch.